Project D03-100 “Biodiversity and biotechnological potential of Archaea from Bulgarian hot springs”, funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, "Projects for inter-institutional cooperation" measurePress Release


  • Books in the frame of the education programs – TEMPUS, COPERNICUS, ERASMUS
  • A book, Human Papilloma Viruses, Editor Prof. Dr. Zlatko Kalvatchev
  • A book, Human Polyoma Viruses, Editor Prof. Dr. Zlatko Kalvatchev
  • A book, Quality Management in Pharmacy – distribution of medicinal products, Dr. Assena Stoimenova, Prof. Guenka Petrova
  • A book Management of Human Recourses, Ass. Prof. Dragomir Boiadjiev
  • A book about Doncho Kostoff – a world-known Bulgarian scientist in the field of genetics
  • Two books of poems, author: Acad. Prof. Dr. Roumen Tsanev;
  • Two part book, Faust (translation in Bulgarian, Akad. Roumen Tsanev)
  • A book about cinema, authors: Rusy Tchanev, Mladen Mladenov
  • Advertising catalogues about products based on Lactobacilus bulgaricus, ELBY Bulgaricum PSL
  • Advertising catalogues in veterinary medicine – Bulgarian, Russian and English version